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  • FARLIN DIAPER 58 PCS SMALL Rs.5,560.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,853.33 with
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Blue ink fades out, when your baby needs a change.
    • Double Absorbent Layer and Japan SAP
    • Soaks urine quickly to keep baby dry.
    • USA Fluff Pulp
    • Provides softness, allowing your baby to stay happier.
    • V-Cut Sides
    • V-cut sides gently fits your babys’ little legs.

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  • Kids Joy 100 Cotton Balls Zip Pack Rs.650.00
    or 3 X Rs.216.67 with

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  • FOOD GRINDER Rs.5,500.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,833.33 with
    • Grinds solid fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables into a proper consistency for a nutritious meal for your baby.
    • The food grinder is made up of BPA FREE Plastic and is anti-corrosive.
    • The stainless-steel mesh is durable & free from corrosion and is replaceable by Farlin Sri Lanka if damaged.
    • This can be steamed/sterilized.

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  • Kids Joy Baby Stroller Rs.49,990.00
    or 3 X Rs.16,663.33 with
    • One hand folding with adjustable hand bar
    • Extended canopy with detachable front tray
    • Multi position back recline system
    • Wheel size – 6.0” with 5-point harness
    • Adjustable leg rest with mattress cover
    • Storage basket under stroller
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    or 3 X Rs.998.33 with
    • Especially suitable for babies from 0-1M.
    • High temperature shock resistance.
    • Best reliability & Hygiene results.
    • Neutral so less milk smell remained.
    • Specially for newborn.

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    or 3 X Rs.2,083.33 with
    • Formulated with plant derived and eco-friendly ingredients..
    • Made with natural citrus oil for antibacterial..
    • Powerful stain, grease, and odor remover..
    • Work in both HE and standard machines..
    • Gentle mild formula for safe laundry..

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    or 3 X Rs.1,633.33 with
    • Can be fixed to the baby’s table..
    • preventing the baby to move or throw the bowl..
    • Perfect for baby’s starting on solid foods..
    • Dishwasher & Microwave safe bowl & spoon..
    • Above 4 months.

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  • MILK STORAGE BAG 120CC Rs.1,800.00
    or 3 X Rs.600.00 with
    • 100% BPA free.
    • Pre-sterilized by electronic beam and disposable.
    • Foldable bag

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  • Nasal Aspirator Rs.3,200.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,066.67 with
    • SAFETY AND COMFORT: GROWNSY baby nose sucker is equipped with 3 tips from food-grade silicone, the soft and flexible material ensures it is gentle on your baby’s sensitive inner surfaces of the little noses.
    • WORK EFFECTIVELY: The baby nasal aspirator is designed with 3 adjustable level suction, which makes it easy and effective to clear fluid or mucus within your baby¡¯s nose. An ideal choice for newborn essentials.
    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: We especially adopted light and music soothing function on the electric booger sucker, and with lower noise, which will make your baby enjoy this nose cleaning and make the cleaning progress easier and quicker.
    • SIMPLE TO USE AND CLEAN: The ergonomic shape and LCD display make the baby aspirator easy to use. The parts of the baby nose suction are transparent and removable, it’s easily cleaned by rinsing in warm soapy water.
    • USB RECHARGEABLE: The rechargeable baby nose suction can be used for 30 days after being fully charged. This lightweight baby nose cleaner comes with a storage case, it allows you to pack the aspirator and tips neatly or take it on any trip.

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  • Bf-889b Baby Stroller Rs.39,000.00
    or 3 X Rs.13,000.00 with
    • 8 x widened 7” wheels; lockable/swivel front wheels, brakes at back wheels.
    • Safety fixing buckles for accurate locking after the stroller unfolded, safety assured.
    • Reversible handle direction.
    • Extra thick dual-color net-tricot fabric mattress and armrest padding at both sides, for more comforts and protection.
    • 3-position footrest, 3-position adjustable backrest.
    • Netting basket under the seat.
    • For 0 ~ 36 months baby, under 15 kgs.
    • Product Length & Weight – 84.8 x 50.8 x 23.9 cm; 9.45 Kilograms.
    or 3 X Rs.233.33 with
    • Mix 10ml (2tbsp.) of Kids Joy Baby fruit & vegetable wash in 500ml of plain water & soak the fruits or vegetables in the prepared solution for 1 min.
    • Rub individual pieces thoroughly with hand dipped within the solution
    • rinse the vegetables and wash under running tap water/clean water
    • INGREDIENTS: Aqua | Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate! Citric Acid | Phenoxyethanol | Perfume test

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  • SAFETY PINS Rs.1,250.00
    or 3 X Rs.416.67 with
    • Stainless steel safety pins with varied color options.
    • Specially designed to secure pin from slipping.
    • The extraordinary design of small safety pins is robust, bright, and handy, with solid plastic safety locks that can endure top straining, pulling, and even machine washing; these safety pins assorted are designed beautifully.
    • Could be used widely to fix pacifier holder, handkerchief, napkin, cloth diaper, name card

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    or 3 X Rs.866.67 with
    • Made with polypropylene
    • more durable nipple hole
    • Unique ridges on nipple helps constant liquid flow to the special air valve on nipple.
    • Reduces colic hence reduces burps

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  • FARLIN DIAPER 36 PCS SMALL Rs.3,925.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,308.33 with
    • Wetness Indicator
    • Blue ink fades out, when your baby needs a change
    • Double Absorbent Layer and Japan SAP
    • Soaks urine quickly to keep baby dry.
    • USA Fluff Pulp
    • Provides softness, allowing your baby to stay happier.
    • V-Cut Sides
    • V-cut sides gently fits your babys’ little legs.

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  • Kids Joy Plain Baby Panty (3 Pieces) Rs.600.00
    or 3 X Rs.200.00 with

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  • Kids Joy Baby Gloves Rs.490.00
    or 3 X Rs.163.33 with

    173 in stock

  • Kids Joy Baby Foot Cover Rs.1,150.00
    or 3 X Rs.383.33 with

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  • Kids Joy Plain Baby Frock (3 Pieces) Rs.750.00
    or 3 X Rs.250.00 with

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    or 3 X Rs.7,996.67 with

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  • Kids Joy Baby Carry Cot Rs.28,990.00
    or 3 X Rs.9,663.33 with
    • Removable and washable covers
    • Side impact protection
    • Comfy padded armrests
    • Anti-Slip inside of harness
    • Safety Belt Fixer
    • 03 Reclining Positions
  • BABY WET WIPES (ANTI-RASH) Rs.1,500.00
    or 3 X Rs.500.00 with

    12 in stock

    or 3 X Rs.1,633.33 with
    • It comes with 36 pieces in a pack
    • Absorbent lining pulls moisture away so you stay dry and comfortable and protects breast milk from reaching your clothing
    • Life gets pretty busy, so convenience is a must! Farlin Disposable Breast pads come individually wrapped & are disposable which can be used for daily wear
    • Super soft inner fabric and breathable outer layer are especially kind to skin
    • Body-contoured shape fits the breast perfectly and is virtually invisible under clothing
    • Gently cushioned for ultimate comfort and with maximum adhesion, they stay firmly in place and provide great protection

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  • SAFETY PINS-WHITE Rs.1,090.00
    or 3 X Rs.363.33 with

    682 in stock

    or 3 X Rs.663.33 with
    • Patented safety spy hole allows you to see exactly what you’re clipping, eliminating the risk of cutting a child’s sensitive skin.
    • Curved nail clipper with overlapping blades allows for safe, smooth and silent snipping. The baby nail scissor like blades cut nail smoothly with minimal effort.
    • Farlin Baby Nail Clipper is safe for all ages from newborns to toddlers
    • Easy-grip handle for a confident grip when clipping

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    or 3 X Rs.1,000.00 with
    • Heavy-duty device which is unbreakable.
    • Flexible tip for more comfort and safety.
    • Very sensitive device to obtain quick results.
    • Displays temperature in both. C & F. Water resistant & auto shut off feature.

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  • Anti Colic Silicone Nipple Rs.580.00
    or 3 X Rs.193.33 with

    180 in stock

  • GLASS FEEDING BOTTLE 80 OZ (240CC) Rs.4,890.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,630.00 with
    • High temperature shock resistance.
    • Neutral so less milk smell remained.
    • α-33 BoroSilicate Glass.
    • Supporting nipples – AC21011 (S-NB) (M-3+) (L-9+)

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  • NIPPLE SHIELD Rs.3,300.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,100.00 with
    • 20mm in size
    • Help to relieve or prevent pain caused by sore or cracked nipples when breast feeding.
    • Unique shape design maximizes mother-baby contact.
    • Non-toxic and safe silicone material. It’s best suited for your baby.
    • Sterilize-able.

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    or 3 X Rs.663.33 with
    • Also for washing other baby articles, household cups or items. hanging dry.
    • Unique handle with hanger design, easy to hold and for.
    • Radiate bristles at the tip of brushes for cleaning thoroughly.

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  • TABLEWARE SET Rs.3,700.00
    or 3 X Rs.1,233.33 with
    • Farlin cartoon Pattern tableware set for kids creates an excitement that keeps children at the table longer and makes eating a meal more fun.
    • A 5 piece set that includes a large divided plate, bowl, cup, spoon and fork. It can be used as food supplement bowl, also can be used as training bowl when baby grow up and is a perfect gift for your toddlers.
    • Kids tableware set is specifically designed for children who are beginning to eat on their own. The plate at the bottom of the heightening design, good stability, placed on a smooth desktop will not easily fall.
    • This tableware set is lighter and is best for your toddler to carry them easier. The texture makes it comfortable for kids to hold.
    • It is great to use at home, picnic, party, travel, restaurant, outdoor and more for your babies.

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